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22 May 2019

Team building and motivation.

Team building and motivation.
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Did you know that most people struggle to remain motivated since their minds are always preoccupied by negative thoughts, doubt or just intrusive thought that destruct?

A leader should be aware that this negative energy is real and it attacks the mind and lowers team moral. Therefore, the leader should strive to keep motivating the team in order to continue moving forward and creating a sense of confidence, focus and direction.

It’s important to note that some people go to work just to be able to pay their bills (a form of self-denial or self preservation) they don’t see any other purpose for work other than a way to survive while others go to work for self-esteem (a form of self fulfillment or self expression).

It’s the responsibility of a good leader to lift the spirit of those in self-denial to increase their self-worth and be fulfilled. To make them feel as part of something larger than self and to inspire them to join hands as a team to achieve things they never thought they could achieve. This is good leadership.

I know the a boss has his share of work and one of it is not to baby-seat staff.  However, a good leader  helps his staff to achieve things they never thought they could achieve before letting them go.

Also, if a  leader articulate the wrong vision and ideals to others, chaos may ensure.  Take the example of an African leader asking his team to throw stones to motorist or to destroy other people’s property? That’s a leader who articulate the wrong vision to his/her team.

Team Building is a skill that often lacks in most of our leaders today since our society usually rewards individual success. Throughout the entire spectra, from our homes to the school systems, the best reward usually goes to the best child or best student and we have been encouraged to earn our rewards as individuals and not as a group or a team.

This individualistic approach to life has caused many organizations to end up with selfish leaders with an agenda of personal goals for personal gains which kills the team moral.

To better understand what team building is, let us first understand what a Team is. Merrian Webster Dictionary defines a “Team” as a group of people working together on a task while Gap Project.org defines a team as a group of individuals sharing a common goal and the responsibility of achieving it.

If the above is true, then a leader should have the ability to bring people together for the purpose of achieving a common goal. It should be noted that a leader should not only have the ability of bringing the people together to achieve a common goal but also be able to create a team spirit whereby each individual in that team has a feeling of something larger than self. “The High Five:” “None of us is good than all of us”. Obviously, these are skills many of our leader’s lack and are yet to learn.

A leader should see beyond his/her own individual gains and strive to look at the big picture that encompasses the entire team. He/she should ensure that the team has a clear expectation for both the leader and the team.

  • What is expected of the leader by the team; in other words, what is the team expecting the leader to do.
  • What is expected by the leader from the team or what does the leader expect the team to do?
  • What is expected as the final product? In other words, why was the organization or the group formed.

Both the leader and the team should have a very clear picture of the expected end result.

In a nut shell: “Why are we here?” Those questions should be answered in every organization including churches and other social groups as well as in family settings. Without which no group or organization can stand.

A leader should be a resourceful as well as be able to set avenues for the team to have access to information when needed. A leader, who is far from reach, withholds information or fails to be a resource, breaks the team spirit and eventually disintegrates the team. To be continued……

By Robert Gichuru



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